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Glowstick Information

View our glow stick CE certificatesAre glow sticks safe?

Yes. Providing you buy from a reputable dealer.

Our glow sticks are manufactured by Popglo, one of the largest and best know manufactures of light sticks. The contents of each stick are sealed in a tough plastic case which is resistant to puncture or splitting. If in the unlikely event the contents should leak, the liquid is non-toxic and non-flamable.

Our glow products are CE certified and EN71 compliant. They contain no banned chemicals such as DBP (Di-Butyl Phthalate). Click here to view the CE certificates for our products (PDF file).

Due to small parts which represent a choking hazard (the end connectors and lanyards), glow sticks are not suitable for children under 3.

What do I do if I puncture a glow stick?

If the liquid comes into contact with your skin, simply wash with soapy water. If the contents should come into contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of cold water. Although irritation may occur, no long-term harm will occur (similar to getting shampoo in your eyes).

Staining may occur if the liquid comes into contact with fabric or upholstery so rinse immediately with water.

How does a glow stick work?

There are four components to a glow stick:

  • The plastic outer casing that holds the contents inside
  • The fluid you can see moving inside the light stick
  • A glass tube that floats freely in the fluid
  • Another fluid inside the glass tube.

When the plastic tube is bent, the glass vial breaks allowing the two fluids to mix. A chemical reaction occurs, thus creating the glow (chemiluminesence).

How does temperature affect the glow?

The temperature and glow life of a light stick are inversely proportional. If you place your glow stick in hot (not boiling) water, the stick will glow brighter but will last for a shorter period. Similarly, if you place your glow stick in the fridge, the reaction will slow down, making the stick glow for a longer period.

Are glow sticks water proof and wind proof?

Erm, yes!

Are glow sticks radioactive?

No. The glow is created by a chemical reaction, not through the use of radioactive isotopes.

How should I store unused glow sticks?

Keep your glowsticks in the their original packaging in a cool, dry place. Stored properly, unactivated glowsticks should last a minimum of 2 years.



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